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Virtual Collaboration Mindset

Optimise your virtual team's performance

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Service Description

COMING SOON AGAIN! We live in a digital age - digital transformation means new skills, new attitudes and new, more efficient methods. One of the ‘here-to-stay’ developments is working remotely and working in virtual teams. But how do we efficiently work together in a virtual team? How do we create the atmosphere of a local team? It is wise to consciously develop our virtual co-operation and management techniques to meet the needs of "invisible teams". This program helps you in creating successful virtual teams and meetings. ​During this online training you will learn to: - Be able to set up a motivated virtual team - Improve communication and collaboration between team members - Increase the result of virtual collaboration - To run effective virtual meetings - How and which communication tools you can use 'I gained my experience in managing virtual teams being an international project manager for a software development company based in Belgium. On a weekly basis I travelled to a client in Leeds, UK and was managing a partly local and partly virtual team. At any given moment I was working with colleagues from 8 different countries having to cross time zones and cultures.' ​Duration: 4 x 90 minutes Module 1: How to create an effective virtual team? Module 2: How to run engaging virtual meetings? Normal price: - € 249 / 88.000 HUF ex VAT for individuals - € 349 / 123.000 HUF ex. VAT for companies Special offer until 31. May: - € 99 / 35.000 HUF ex. VAT for individuals - €199 / 70.000 HUF ex. VAT for companies

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