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Do you want to be in the driver's seat of

your life?

You are always one decision away from a different life.





- Unlock your potential -

The purpose of my coaching sessions is to support you in moving from where you are now to where you want to go, reaching new levels of awareness and effectiveness in all areas of life.

My coaching is based on the fundamental belief that people have within them all the

potential resources they need to create the life they desire.

Mostly people contact me on topics like:

  • career development / job coaching;

  • dealing with change;

  • personal efficiency;

  • motivation;

  • (personal) presentation;

  • assertive communication.


To support our coaching sessions we can make use of a talent scan that gives clarity and insights into

your strengths and natural potential. This clarity provides you with the knowledge to make 

conscious choices that have a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

The scan offers a compact, accessible and precise method of gaining insight into the degree of

a person’s utilisation of his or her natural talents.
I am a trained Creative Consciousness® coach supporting transformational self-realisation processes.

Creative Consciousness® is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.


The duration of the coaching session is 60 or 90 minutes and a coaching cycle ranges mostly 

between 6 to 10 sessions with intervals of 2 weeks. 


I coach online or at my practice in Budapest (11th District - Solt utca).

Next to that I always know a couple of spots in downtown Budapest, 

where we have some quiet space to talk.

Price information:

for private clients: €49,50 / 18.000 HUF - 60 minutes

for business clients €82,50 / 30.000HUF - 60 minutes

Contact me for a free introduction meeting!

Gift of Feedback - Dutcham webinar 20200

Watch my

Gift of Feedback

webinar for free!

What is in it:

  • Importance of feedback

  • Our main 'blockers'

  • How to give and receive feedback

  • Handling reactions & emotions


Originally from the south of The Netherlands, now living in Budapest, I gained a vast business experience nationally and internationally as process & change consultant, project manager and team lead.
I combine this experience with my enthusiasm for personal

development and coaching & training background. 

Everyone has a purpose and voice within them that needs to be heard and a mindset comes to life via communication and behaviour. Limits are there to be noticed and respected, but also to be challenged to see what limitation holds you back.

My motto: change your language, change your life!

The way you talk to yourself and others can make or break your success.
By raising your awareness and being able to develop your authentic self, you can take control of your life, choose to act differently and become the greatest version of yourself in all aspects of life.

I am a passionate personal coach (Consciousness Coaching®), an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program), who amongst others supports in career development, handling change, personal presentation and communication skills.

Next to that specialise in communication skills training, leadership mindset development and team coaching in the training & consulting company 'Keys4Corporate'.

Are you ready to move beyond your limits?

Roger Brouns, coach

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Anita Tóth

Director Financial Planning and Analysis, Morgan Stanley

The training series that Roger held was highly structured and followed great logic to make the learning process easier. The sessions were well planned, contained not only theoretical, but practical parts. One of the greatest attributes that Roger has is the experience behind him that makes him authentic and trustworthy. He provided real life examples and asked questions that we really could relate with. He created great atmosphere with his friendly and helpful attitude. After 7 years of experience I honestly can say that is was one of the most useful trainings I've ever attended.

Regina Szepesi

HR Director, ALD

Rarely seen such an energetic and inspiring trainer like Roger.

He is a charismatic and authentic trainer, who has designed excellent leadership training modules for our middle and executive management. Very well composed training program with his very sophisticated sense to accommodate the client’s needs and specialty.

Was good to see how management has started to change their practices, the way how they approached people related situations, started to use common language and showing real leadership competence development accordingly. 

Big thanks and warmly recommend to anyone cooperating with him since this will be the training that participants will remember years later.

Veronika Kelen-Kolláth

HR Business Partner,

Avis Budget Group BSC

We asked Roger to hold us a whole day training for our Financial Services managers to kick off the business year. Unfortunately it is very rare to find in Hungary a very enthusiastic, innovative trainer with international experience who is providing different ways.

Roger put lot of energy and focus on the preparation to understand our needs and the organisation structure and the strategical direction.

During the day of the training everything was well prepared with quality materials. His communication style is excellent with high energy level during the whole day and also he was able to engage immediately with the team. Every participant enjoyed the day and benefited from the learnings. Roger is one of the best trainers who I met in my HR career and I really could recommend for every organisation


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